The windows of a home can be some of the portions of the structure that will be the most vulnerable to being targeted by criminals that are looking to break into the house. Burglar-proofing your windows can be an important step if you are to keep your home and property as safe as possible.

Provide Ample Exterior Lighting For The Areas Near Your Windows

Ensuring that the exterior of the home near the windows is properly illuminated can help to deter individuals from targeting this part of the home for an intrusion. A homeowner may be worried about making this upgrade due to the assumption that this light will directly shine into the home during the night. However, it is possible to direct these lights at an angle that will minimize the amount of light that is able to enter through the windows. This can allow you to protect your home's windows without negatively impacting your comfort in the house.

Invest In Shatter-Resistant Windows

The windows that you have installed on your home can also play a major role in determining the vulnerability of the house to a burglary. Traditional windows will have glass panes in them that can be easily broken by individuals wanting to gain entry to the house. To reduce this threat, you will need to install windows that have shattered and impact-resistant glass. These windows will be far more difficult for a person to break, which can significantly increase the difficulty of gaining entry to the house. In extreme cases, a person may want to consider installing exterior bars on their windows, as this will block individuals from being able to use them for entry.

Installing Security Cameras And Sensors For The Windows

Security cameras and sensors can be an important upgrade for reducing the vulnerability of your home. These upgrades will be able to provide for constant monitoring of the windows so that you will be informed when the windows are breached. For the best results, these sensors should be connected to a loud alarm as well as a monitored security service. The loud alarm can cause a burglar to flee the property, and the monitoring service will be able to dispatch the police to the house to handle the situation. In a situation where someone is attempting to gain access to the house, a prompt response is critical for reducing the potential losses that could be suffered during a burglary attempt.